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When Did You Last See Your Father?

Jodi Taylor

Format: ePub

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A Chronicles of St Mary's short story that is sure to entertain. If you love Jasper Fforde or Ben Aaronovitch, you won't be able to resist Jodi Taylor.
**Includes bonus St Mary's escapades Desiccated Water and Markham and the Anal Probing and original introductions from the author**
When Did You Last See Your Father?

'Max, your father is here. He's come to take Matthew away'
Have you ever wondered what would happen if Max's husband met Max's father? What would Leon do?
They're normally a fairly amiable bunch, but this is the story of what to expect if St Mary's doesn't like someone. As in, really doesn't like someone. Warning: contains a unit-wide criminal enterprise, a great deal of illegal activity and a sad misuse of public resources. All the things a father will do to protect his family.
It is also a story of revenge. Because this is payback - St Mary's style.
Desiccated Water
Professor Rapson breaks astonishing new ground with his latest feat of scientific invention.
Markham and the Anal Probing
When Markham disappears in the middle of nowhere, Max jumps to the logical conclusion - alien abduction.
Readers love Jodi Taylor:
'Once in a while, I discover an author who changes everything... Jodi Taylor and her protagonista Madeleine "Max" Maxwell have seduced me'
'A great mix of British proper-ness and humour with a large dollop of historical fun'
'Addictive. I wish St Mary's was real and I was a part of it'
'Jodi Taylor has an imagination that gets me completely hooked'
'A tour de force'

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