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Water, a crucial issue in international relations

Kabine Komara

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Without water, what would we be ?
Whatever form it takes, it scoffs at borders and often links very different cultures, regions and countries together, in this way becoming a source of opportunities, but also the object of numerous desires.

"Once upon a time there was a river.
Here is the story of wisdom.
Once upon a time there was the great Senegal River.
Born in Guinea, it runs downstream to Mali, enters Senegal, and borders Mauritania before flowing into the sea.
These four countries, all equally sons of this thirst- quenching, irrigating, energy-giving water, could have fought each other.
Or ignore each other, each taking from it without concern for the others.
These four countries decided otherwise. Thus was born a common development agency.
Thus was created this incomparable tool of wisdom.
An exception in a world increasingly torn by conflicts focused on water.
Here is the story of this wisdom, told by its principal artisan.
Here is a model to follow. Take a leaf out of this book, Mekong and Brahmaputra (notably)!'
Erik Orsenna, of the Académie française

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