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Glimpse into the history of different castles around the world, the dramatic battles to conquer them, and the weapons that defended and defeated them.
Travel through time and venture into the wonderful world of castles, from the earliest wooden fortresses to medieval stone strongholds. Cross continents to see castles perched on perilous clifftops, standing by wave-lashed coasts, and even a castle inside a cave.
With stunning illustrations of 29 castles from around the globe, see how these structures would have looked at the height of their power. Discover the key features of each and see inside important parts with cross-sections. Join the residents at key moments in time; lay siege to Kumamoto Castle during the Satsuma Rebellion and escape from Oxford Castle on ice skates with Empress Matilda. Learn why castles were built, and find out about different aspects of castle life, from defences to heraldry, and see how many of the castles look inside today.
Castles is a fact-packed, modern look at a classic topic. Perfect for young fans of castles, knights, and battles, this children's ebook will captivate any budding archaeologists and historians.

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