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Don't Turn Out the Lights

Bernard Minier

Mulholland Books
Format: ePub

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Now on Netflix, the Commandant Servaz series: The Frozen Dead
"You did nothing."
Christine Steinmeyer knows the suicide note she found in her mailbox on Christmas Eve has nothing to do with her. But the man calling in to her radio show seems convinced otherwise.
"You let her die..."
That's only the beginning. Bit by bit, her life is turned upside down. But who among her friends and family hates her enough to want to destroy her? And why?
Commandant Martin Servaz is on leave when he is sent a key card to a hotel room - the room where an artist committed suicide a year earlier. He soon uncovers evidence of a truly terrifying crime. Could someone really be cruelly, consciously hounding women to death?
Both he and Christine will find out...but it may not be in time.

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