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Tout Stress Management

Téléchargez le livre :  Wake Up!

Wake Up!

Chris Baréz-Brown

Over 80 per cent of our waking time is spent on autopilot.We all know the feeling of driving a long distance and arriving at our destination with little memory of the journey. That's because when we are doing routine activities our...
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Télécharger le livre :  The Little Book of Spiritual Bliss

The Little Book of Spiritual Bliss


Ashley Davis Bush

We live in a world of chronic stress and dis-ease, a world of rampant anxiety and depression. If we stay locked onto the horizontal plane of superficial concerns and challenges, we are doomed to feeling deeply unsettled. However, if we intentionally shift our...

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Télécharger le livre :  A Little Light

A Little Light



At a time of fear and anxiety, leading writers offer reassurance by looking at twenty ways the response to the coronavirus pandemic could make the world a better place.The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic is a once-in-a-century event, a tragedy and a...

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Télécharger le livre :  The Stress Workbook

The Stress Workbook


Maureen Cooper

Stress is an unavoidable part of life that we will all encounter at various times, be it due to a one-off event such as losing a job or the break-up of a relationship, or from facing long-term difficulties such as working in a stressful environment or caring for...

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Télécharger le livre :  We Are In This Together

We Are In This Together


Beth Kempton

This global pandemic has disrupted life as we know it, in ways we could never have imagined. Even with the gradual easing of restrictions, many material challenges remain. The time has come to consider what happens next.If this experience has made you realise...

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Télécharger le livre :  The Ultimate Guide to Working from Home

The Ultimate Guide to Working from Home


Grace Paul

'A timely tome for navigating these domicile days' Evening StandardAre you one of the millions of people now working from home?It's not easy but it needn't be...

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Télécharger le livre :  Emotional Healing

Emotional Healing


Harry Barry
Orion Spring

'An intensely powerful book filled with clear tools to help us survive and cope with some of the most profound moments in our lives. Moving and thoughtful' Bruce Daisley, author of the Sunday Times No. 1 bestseller The Joy of WorkWhen we experience...

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Télécharger le livre :  Ways to Fall Asleep

Ways to Fall Asleep



Keep this book by your bedside as the ultimate aid for nodding off in no time.In this handy little book you'll find a whole range of tips, tricks and relaxing activities to help you switch off and unwind. From dot-to-dots and colouring-in to...

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Télécharger le livre :  Breathe Well

Breathe Well


Aimee Hartley
Kyle Books

We breathe around 17,000 times a day - so it's something that we can all improve for better health and wellbeing - no equipment or fancy fitness gear necessary. Aimee's simple and accessible exercises are designed to fit into your life - from 2 minutes in the shower...

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Télécharger le livre :  The Pippa Guide

The Pippa Guide


Pippa O'connor Ormond

"I think anyone can do anything they want to do. I really believe that."Style icon and savvy businesswoman Pippa O'Connor Ormond believes that anything is achievable if you put your mind to it.In this honest and revealing guide to modern life,...

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Télécharger le livre :  Overcoming Anxiety Without Fighting It

Overcoming Anxiety Without Fighting It


Tim Cantopher
Sheldon Press

YOU DON'T HAVE TO STRUGGLE WITH ANXIETY. WHETHER YOU DEVELOPED IT RECENTLY, OR YOU'VE BEEN LIVING WITH IT FOR YEARS, YOUR ANXIETY CAN BE TREATED. Expert psychiatrist and bestselling author Dr Tim Cantopher has helped hundreds of people just like you,...

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