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Short Stories (single author)

Téléchargez le livre :  Calm With Horses

Calm With Horses

Colin Barrett
Vintage Digital

NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTUREArm, an ex-boxer with a haunted past and a fractured present, finds himself the tool of the notorious Devers family. But when an opportunity to break free and offer his family a new life arises, his actions...
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Télécharger le livre : Racconti di Hogwarts: prodezze e passatempi pericolosi
Racconti di Hogwarts: prodezze e...
J.K. Rowling

Minerva era la dea romana della guerra e della saggezza. William McGonagall è invece considerato il peggior poeta della...
Télécharger le livre : Guida (poco) pratica a Hogwarts
Guida (poco) pratica a Hogwarts
J.K. Rowling

Tuttavia, il Ministero della Magia era fortemente convinto che la costruzione di una nuova stazione per maghi nel centro...
Télécharger le livre : Racconti di Hogwarts: potere, politica e poltergeist
Racconti di Hogwarts: potere, politica e...
J.K. Rowling

Nessun Primo Ministro Babbano ha mai messo piede nel Ministero della Magia, per ragioni illustrate in modo alquanto...
Télécharger le livre : All the things you are
All the things you are
Kurt Tidmore

DARKER THAN GARRISON KEILLOR! 9 short stories on the fates of lay-people, with a lot of humour...
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Télécharger le livre : The Red Hand
The Red Hand
Peter Temple

Peter Temple held crime writing up to the light and, with his poet's ear and eye, made it his own incomparable...

Télécharger le livre : Hogwarts Ein unvollständiger und unzuverlässiger Leitfaden
Hogwarts Ein unvollständiger und...
J.K. Rowling

Das Zaubereiministerium war jedoch der Meinung, dass die Errichtung eines weiteren Zaubererbahnhofs mitten in London...
Télécharger le livre : Rescue Me
Rescue Me
Cathy Bramley

Curl up with Sunday Times bestseller Cathy Bramley and this joyful free short story about friendship, love...
Télécharger le livre : Love in Colour
Love in Colour
Bolu Babalola

'Time was constructed with love in mind. Time and love are intertwined, they are both measures of life, two...